yashika: Yashika comes out for the first time after the accident: viral video – yashika aannand’s latest video makes fans happy


  • Yashika’s latest video goes viral
  • Yashika walking with the help of a stick

Yashika She went in the car with her friend Bhavani and two others last August. The car crashed on the East Coast Road. Bhavani was killed and Yashika was injured.

Yashika, who was admitted to the hospital, is slowly recovering. It only takes 5 months to get up and walk, said Yashika. In this case, the video taken when he first came to the public place has been released.
Tears of joy welled up in the eyes of the fans who saw Yashika walking around with a stick in her hand in a yellow dress.

Yashika said we are praying that soon everything will go well as before without any help. Actor and director S.J. Surya congratulates.

Yashika still feels like she’s thinking of her friend who was killed in the accident. Living without Bhavani is a life sentence, said Yashika. He also occasionally posts photos and videos of Bhavani on the social networking site.

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