World Record Rocky Boy Bane: Video Spreading Fire On The Internet ..!

World Record Rocky Boy Bane: Video Spreading Fire On The Internet ..!
Yash ‘KGF’ movie became very popular in Indian cinema. For Yash, a popular Kannada actor, the world record set by his fans is going viral on the internet. Following this, Yash extended his congratulations and appreciation to his fans

The second part of the Indian blockbuster film ‘KGF’ was made and aroused great anticipation among the fans. ‘KGF2’, which was released on July 16, has been pushed back by the second wave of Corona. In this case, the film will be released worldwide this morning.

KGF is a 2018 film directed by Prashant Neil. The second part of the film, which was well received by fans across India, is in the making and awaiting release. The film stars Yash alongside Srinivasa Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Prakash Raj and Raveena Tandon.
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Following the release of ‘KGF2’ tomorrow, Yash fans have created a 25,650 sq ft Yash Mass poster. Fans say it was originally planned to be 120 × 170 feet, but has been expanded to include the Yash poster at 135 × 190 feet, which is listed in the World Record Book.

Following this, Yash shared the video on his Twitter account saying ‘My fan family is very strong and my congratulations to everyone’. It is noteworthy that Yash ” KGF2 ‘has been released and has received positive reviews from all quarters.