vijay: Will Rajini model say ‘OK’, will Vijay say ‘No’ like Vijay Sethupathi? – will vijay say no just like vijay sethupathi?


  • Nainika’s photos go viral
  • Netizens discussing Nainika, Vijay

Meena’s pet daughter Nainika She made her Kollywood debut with Vijay’s Theri. Nainika’s latest photos of herself as Vijay’s daughter have been released.

Nainika looks like a beauty in a silk skirt. Fans who have seen her photos, Nainika is growing fast. They say that Vijay will act as a partner in the process.


Meena, who played Rajini as Uncle, later teamed up with him. Nainika pretended to be his daughter so he was the heroine but he did not want to be paired with her Vijay Social media users have questioned whether Solvara.

Kriti Shetty played the daughter of Vijay Sethupathi in the Telugu film Uppena. They decided to pair him with Vijay Sethupathi in another film. But Vijay Sethupathi has said that he will not be paired with the one who played his daughter.

So people like Vijay Sethupathi are talking on social media sites like Vijay whether to say no to Nainika or pretend to be okay.
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