vijay: What Vijay did you do like this, is it sinful to look at him or not? – sanjeev venkat in bigg boss 5 tamil house: fans say why vijay, why?


  • Sanjeev Venkat at Big Boss House
  • Sanjeev is a close friend of Vijay

Big Boss5 A close friend of Vijay’s as a wild card entry at home Sanjeev Venkat It was reported that Selvar. Those who know that information, please tell your friend not to go to Big Boss house Vijayna.

If he goes to that house his name will be tarnished. So warn your friend said fans.

In this situation, Sanjeev Venkat came to Bigg Boss house with a smiling face. Many people attend the Big Boss show thinking that it is a career pickup and that they can become famous. But nothing like that is going to happen.

All that is left is for some to tarnish the name. In this situation Sanjeev Venkat has come to another Bigg Boss house. He is so sinful. OK if the name is Kedamal. What Vijayna, fans have said that it is not sinful to look at your friend, you have done this.

Sanjeev Venkat, who has acted in TV serials and films, is well aware of Bigg Boss. Just knowing that he has gone there. So let’s see depending on what he does.
Big Boss hitting 2 birds with one stone with the lotus

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