Venkat Prabhu: Why did Simbu name the villain ‘Dhanushkodi’ ?: Venkat Prabhu who broke the secret! – venkat prabhu says about dhanush and simbu friendship

Conference‘Is set to be Simbu’s biggest comeback film. Produced by Suresh Kamatchi, Venkat Prabhu Fans have been waiting for a long time for the release of this film which was made in motion. The film, which was released in theaters last Thursday amidst various hurdles, has been receiving an overwhelming response from the fans.

Kalyani has acted opposite Simbu in ‘Manadu’. The film stars SA Chandrasekhar, Bharathiraja, SJ Surya, Premji, Arvind Akash, YG Mahendran, Vagai Chandra Sehgar, Daniel Balaji, Manoj, Premji, Udaya and Karunakaran.

The release date of ‘Conference’, which was announced for Deepavali, has been shifted to November 25. Following this, it was announced that the release of the film would be postponed to the day before its release. The movie ‘Conference’ which was finally released in theaters on Thursday last week has been getting an overwhelming response among the fans.
I’m proud of my brothers’ success: Seaman on ‘Conference’!
SJ, who played the villain in the film, said Surya’s performance has been praised by many. Director Venkat Prabhu has explained the reason for naming the villain SJ Surya ‘Dhanushkodi’ in the film. He was interviewed by a YouTube channel in this regard.

In it, we chose that name because we wanted a strong name. Rajini – Kamal, Ajith – Vijay in order சிம்பு If so Dhanush Only the name comes to mind. So by that name a power will come naturally. Basically they are both friends. Dhanush will definitely be happy to call for this. This was stated by Venkat Prabhu.

Sorry for the inconvenience to Surya; Director upset!

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