udayanithi stalin: Leave Jai Bhima .. Spicy “Article 15” .. Will Udayanithi take it like that? – will article 15’s tamil remake speak the truth as it is like jai bhim?


  • The remake of Article 15 Hindi film is justice to the chest.
  • They would have talked about caste atrocities in this film.
  • Expectation that the picture of justice to the chest will also speak publicly about the castes.

Jay Beam The heat of the film has not abated yet. It is only getting worse and worse. It is as if the panchayat is running until the case is filed in the court and the court sees and hears something hot. This is the time for us Article 15 The picture came to mind.

There are a lot of good movies coming out in Hindi nowadays. Article 15 is one such rare film.

Article 15, starring Ayushman Kurana, is a story about the brutal rape and murder of 2 Dalit girls. The film focuses on women who are trapped in the cruel tongues of caste fire in northern India.

Udayanidhi Stalin

This film is currently being remade in Tamil under the title Justice for the Chest. Udayanidhi Stalin Acting.

Section 15 of the Constitution of India says that no one is inferior to anyone on the basis of caste, race, language or origin. All are equal. The story of this film is based on this concept.

A hamlet .. a village at the height of caste hysteria. The people on the list are treated like slaves of the upper castes. Anshu Neharia kidnaps and brutally rapes a girl working in a company, asking her to raise her 3 rupees wage, along with her 2 sisters. Caste hysteria paralyzes the brain, in which he brutally kills two girls and hangs them. He takes another into the forest and leaves. Anshu is staging such atrocities because these girls are Dalits. With this brutal murder he warns the Dalit community of the frenzy that no one should raise a finger against the upper caste anymore.

Ian Ranjan, who comes to the village as a police officer, is serious about the case. But he is in crisis in many ways by caste fanatics. Guards who work with you, why all the fuss, you go investigate .. But we should have lived here, we arrested my father for arson. They refuse to cooperate so that the case can be closed. Caste hysteria is rampant within them. But Ranjan puts it all aside and finds the missing Pooja and rescues him. The story of the film is what happens in the end.

Udayanidhi Stalin

The entire film would have horrified the demanding face of the entire caste. The film still exposes the racial atrocities that are rampant in many northern states, such as UP and Bihar (many of the incidents are still present in Tamil Nadu). The names of many castes in the film would have been boldly spoken out in public .. The highly acclaimed film Article 15.

The big question is how they are going to bring this film in Tamil. Tamil cinema has never spoken creatively, itemically, boldly or openly about caste oppression. Only a few films like Aanganke Karnan and Pariyerum Perumal are coming. Either the button will be taken in general or they will take only one caste in hand and create a villain and a hero in it and take a safe picture. This is the state of our cinemas about caste. Silver screenwriters are still reluctant to break into public.

In such a scenario there is great anticipation as to how they are going to make the Article 15 film that has publicly torn down all caste fanatics. In the Hindi film, the major political parties such as the Elephant Party, the Cycle Party and the Lotus Party are openly torn. There is another expectation as to how they are going to put those bold scenes in Tamil .. In fairness I have to say sun party, leaf party, pot party, mango party .. I don’t know if they will say. The billion-dollar question is whether we can even boldly say that the Mango Party.

Udayanidhi Stalin was previously just an actor. But now he is the leader of the ruling party’s youth wing and a member of the assembly. He is also gaining popular influence. Such a person also makes an expectation of what the story is going to be like. Ayushman Kurana would have acted so wonderfully in this film. Even if Udaya does it that way it will turn out to be a big enough picture. If this film is taken as it is without disturbing the original story, it can definitely be a huge break for Udayanidhi. But looking at the heat caused by Jay Beam, the anticipation of how the Tamil remake of Article 15 will turn out has increased many times over.

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