Theera Kaadhal: Jai – Did Aishwarya give Rajesh a win?: ‘Theera Kaadhal’ movie review.!

Theera Kaadhal: Jai – Did Aishwarya give Rajesh a win?: ‘Theera Kaadhal’ movie review.!
In Tamil cinema, movies that commemorate first love are always popular. In that way, ‘Theerak Kadhal’ has been released as a work that shakes up the memories of love that have been separated.

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Aishwarya Rajesh has been acting in Tamil cinema films that have consistently given importance to heroines. His acting was recently released in the movie ‘Barhana’. Although the film was critically well received, the film failed at the box office.

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Also Jay has been waiting for a hit for a long time. Both of them are currently acting together in the film ‘Theerak Kadhal’. Directed by Roshin Venkatesan and starring Jai, Aishwarya Rajesh and Shivita, ‘Theerak Kadhal’ has released.

Jai, who is living a peaceful life as a wife and child in Chennai, meets his ex-girlfriend Aranya (Aishwarya Rajesh) during a trip. Both are drowning in the memory of their love. Both forget their own problems for a week in the countryside and immerse themselves in love.

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Jay’s loneliness is a problem with his wife not paying attention to him. Aishwarya Rajesh is being abused by her husband. Thus their sudden meeting makes them forget their worries. After that both decide not to meet again. But at one point Aishwarya Rajesh leaves her husband and nags Jay to divorce his wife.

Jai refuses and lives opposite his house. What happens after this is the story of ‘Theerak Kadhal’. The tragedy is that this film has been made in the same template while many films have been released in Tamil cinema in the same style. Jai is perfectly suited to the character as a lover and wife who is suffering.

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Aishwarya Rajesh has grabbed the attention by acting well in the heavy role given to her. Shivita, who plays Jai’s wife, has done her job well. Director Roshin Venkatesan has delicately handled the story, which turns out to be a fake even if it is a little twisted. On the whole, this ‘Teerak Kadhal’ has attracted the attention of everyone as a work that will definitely make people move on their former love.

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