suresh kamatchi: I want to protect us all: Conference producer letter to CM Stalin – maanadu producer writes a letter to cm mk stalin


  • Suresh Kamatchi wrote the letter to the first
  • The conference is set to release on November 25th

Simbu would have played Venkat Prabhu in the direction Conference The film is set to release in theaters on November 25. In this situation, the Tamil Nadu government has ordered that only those who have been vaccinated should be allowed in the theaters.

Subsequent conference filmmaker Suresh Kamatchi Chief Minister M.K. Wrote a letter to Stalin.

In that letter he stated,

” To the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,


The screen industry has languished for a long time. Theaters have been deserted since the birth of the movie-watching system.

The big pictures help to recover from that. ‘Annatha’ drew people to the theater. Fifty percent changed the status of seat occupation and gave one hundred percent seat occupation to the word of the film industry in the chest. Thankfully we all saw their permission as a reward for doing business.

But now it has come as a shock to all the film industry that theater permission is only available if vaccinated.

Vaccination is not yet mandatory worldwide. No vaccine has yet been found for those under the age of eighteen. They are allowed to visit schools and public places.

Vaccination is going well under your rule. The infection has come under control. People are protecting themselves with face shields and sanitizers. The order to allow only those who have been vaccinated in theaters will greatly affect the film industry.

Even those who do not have an Android phone will come to the movie. They will avoid coming to the theater if you ask them to bring a certificate. If that too came to the theater and sent back they would never come to the theaters again.

We want to keep the screen industry alive by allowing those under the age of 18 to be vaccinated as soon as possible. I want to make a quick decision and protect our screen world and … theater principals.

“Thank you,” he said.
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