str: Then I’m a little boy, I will not act in a movie like that anymore: Simbu – i like the zone i am in right now: simbu


  • Conference Different Picture- Simbu
  • I will no longer act in a film like Vallavan- Simbu

Venkat Prabhu In motion சிம்பு Have played Conference The film is set to release in theaters tomorrow. The film crew is concerned about the Tamil Nadu government’s order that corona vaccines be allowed in theaters only if they show evidence.

In this context, Simbu said about the conference,

The story is about a normal person getting caught in a time loop. Venkat Prabhu has shown it as a commercial.

I will no longer act in a film like Almighty. I was a little boy then. So I starred in commercial films like that. I have now changed. Cinema has also changed. Fans watch all kinds of movies. They don’t like cinematography.

We have to give what the current fans want. For that, the film has to be made with directors who know the wishes of the fans.

I like the zone I am currently in. That said it is quiet.
I’m going to show you good bonna sir: SimbuWhen Simbu was asked when the marriage would take place, he replied with a smile, “Sir, show me a good woman.”

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