Sathish Kaushik: The daughter of Sathish Kaushik, who died suddenly..

Sathish Kaushik: The daughter of Sathish Kaushik, who died suddenly..
Bollywood’s famous comedian and director Satish Kaushik died of a heart attack yesterday night while traveling in a car in Delhi. His sudden death has caused great sadness and shock among the screen world. Satish Kaushik rose to fame after starring in the hugely successful Mr. India starring Sridevi and Anil Kapoor.
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Satish Kaushik, who was multifaceted as a stage dramatist, comedian, hero and director, directed the Hindi remake of the Tamil film Sethu, directed by Bala and starring Vikram. Sethu remade the film in Hindi as Tere Naam. Salman Khan and Bhumika starrer this film has been well received by the fans.

Satish Kaushik has won various awards including Filmfare Awards for Best Comedian. Satish Kaushik has acted in more than 90 films. He also directed 13 films. In this case, the 66-year-old died of a heart attack last night. His body was handed over yesterday after post-mortem. Subsequently, many Bollywood celebrities gathered in droves to pay their respects to Satish Kaushik’s body, which was taken to his home in Mumbai.
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Following this, Satish Kaushik’s body was cremated at Oshiwara Cemetery last night at 8.30 pm. Following Satish Kaushik’s death, his 10-year-old daughter Vanshika shared a photo on Instagram of herself hugging her father. Father and daughter are smiling cutely in the photo. Vanshika captioned the photo with heart emojis.


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Celebrities and fans who have seen this post of Vanshika have been posting that your father will always be there for you. And many have been posting broken hearts and tearful emojis. Satish Kaushik married Shashi in 1985. Actor Satish Kaushik, who lost his 2-year-old son in 1996, gave birth to Vanshika in 2012 through a surrogate mother.

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