Robo Shankar: What happened to Robo Shankar? Shah’s fans look at the photo!

Robo Shankar: What happened to Robo Shankar?  Shah’s fans look at the photo!
Robo Shankar started his career as a stand up comedian. Vijay became very famous by participating in the show “Shalkappovamu Yaru” which was aired on TV. Actor Robo Shankar also got an opportunity to act in films. Robo Shankar has been acting in comic roles and character roles in many films.
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Robo Shankar has acted in many films including Vellakkaran, Mari, Viswasam, Sellakkaran, Iruutrai, Pa Pandi, Kalakalapu 2, Mr. Local, Hero, The Legend, Cobra, among others. He is also participating in television programs. Not only Robo Shankar but also his daughter and wife are in the film industry.

Robo Shankar’s daughter Indraja rose to fame after playing the role of Pandiammal in Vijay’s Bigil. In this case, a new photo of actor Robo Shankar has been released and has shocked the fans. Actor Robo Shankar has lost a lot of weight in that photo.
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Robo Shankara is so emaciated and unrecognizable as to ask this. Indraja, who is active on social media, has been sharing videos of her dancing with her father. The fans who watched these videos were shocked to see that Robo Shankar had lost weight.
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And photos of Robo Shankar losing weight are also going viral on the internet. Did Rasikras lose weight after watching Robo Shankar’s latest photos and videos? Or they are asking if they are suffering from physical illness.

Rob Shankar

Actor Robo Shankar lives in Saligramam, Chennai and keeps various pets and birds in his house. A YouTube channel posted a video of his home-grown Alexandrian green parrots. A few days ago, the forest officials raided his house and confiscated the parrots that were being kept without permission.
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Also, the forest department imposed a fine of Rs 2.5 lakh on Robo Shankar for growing exotic parrots at home without obtaining proper permission. It is worth noting that Robo Shankar’s wife, who was distressed by this, burst into tears saying that this money was too much for her.

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