rakul preet singh: When to marry an actor ?: Ragul Preet Singh who told the truth – rakul preet singh is very clear about wedding


  • Ragul Preet Singh in love with Jackie Bagnani
  • Ragul announces wedding plan

Rahul is in love with Preet Singh and Bollywood actor and producer Jackie Bagnani. For Ragul’s birthday Jackie Bagnani It was only when they greeted each other on Instagram that everyone knew they were in love.

Ragul confirmed that he loves Jackie. Ragul was asked in an interview when he would marry Jackie in this situation.

To which he said,

Definitely tell everyone when it happens. Currently my focus is only on the career of everything. For that I came to the cinema industry by myself.

I do not want to talk about personal. But even so I talked about Jackie Bagnani on the social website. Because it seemed like such a beautiful thing. So that said I wanted to share with everyone.

Starring alongside Sivakarthikeyan in terms of career Ayalon Waiting for the release of the film Ragul Preet Singh. He plays the lead role in Indian 2.

Also has a lot of Hindi films on hand.
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