rajinikanth: Surya to direct Rajinikanth ?: Is he not on the list – pandiraj to direct a movie with rajinikanth?


  • Pandiraj to direct Rajini film?
  • Rajini to shoot for Sun Pictures again

Leopard Siva in motion Rajinikanth, Starring Nayanthara and Keerthi Suresh அண்ணாத்த The film has been well received by the fans. The film grossed Rs. 150 crore.

It was said that the film would be directed by the famed Dasing Periyasamy if the leader 169 looted the film eye to eye. In this case, Pandiraj’s name is mentioned.

Rajinikanth’s next film will also be produced by Sun Pictures. Bandiraj’s style is very popular with Sun Pictures.

Sun Pictures thinks it would be nice if Rajini starred in Pandyaraj’s village story. Sivakarthikeyan’s Our Home Child, previously produced by Sun Pictures, is now directed by Surya, who has dared to do anything. Bandiraj Is remarkable.

The Brave Man is set to release in theaters in February 2022. It has been reported that no one expected Bandiraj to direct Rajini’s film.

The announcement of Leader 169 is expected in December.
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