Rajinikanth: ‘He has another face like Badshah’… Rajinikanth at Stalin’s photo exhibition!

Rajinikanth: ‘He has another face like Badshah’… Rajinikanth at Stalin’s photo exhibition!
On the occasion of Chief Minister Stalin’s 70th birthday, a photo exhibition titled Our Chief Minister Our Pride is being held at the Raja Annamalai Forum in Paris, Chennai. Chief Minister M.K. Hindu Endowment Minister Shekhar Babu has organized this photo exhibition on the path taken by Stalin.
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The exhibition was inaugurated by Kamal Haasan, the president of the People’s Justice Center and actor, on February 28. The exhibition ends tomorrow. In this case, actor Rajinikanth visited the photo exhibition today. Later speaking to the media, actor Rajinikanth hailed it as a wonderful photo exhibition.

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Saying that Shekhar Babu kept calling but he couldn’t come because he was busy shooting, Rajinikanth praised Shekhar Babu as very loyal and loving. Rajinikanth also said that he has another face like Badshah. Shekhar Babu himself laughed hearing this.

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Later speaking about Chief Minister Stalin, actor Rajinikanth said that his dear friend Stalin’s life journey and political journey were the same. M.K. Actor Rajinikanth said that if Stalin rose gradually and became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, it is the recognition given to him by the people and I pray to God that he will live long and serve the people.


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Later in the visitor’s notebook, actor Rajinikanth wrote his opinion about this photo exhibition as ‘Super Collection, What a memory’. Actor Yogi Babu also enjoyed this photo exhibition. Actor Rajinikanth is currently acting in Jailer. Produced by Sun Pictures, this film is directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar. It is reported that the shooting of this film is in the final stage.

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