Parthiban: Did ‘Love Today’ Pradeep do this to blame Parthiban?: Exciting information released.!

Parthiban: Did ‘Love Today’ Pradeep do this to blame Parthiban?: Exciting information released.!
The success of the film ‘Love Today’ can be said to be a recent success that made Kollywood cinema look back. It was a surprise to Uchha Nathtras that the debutant’s film was so well received. In this case, actor and director Parthiban has openly spoken about the problem between himself and Pradeep Ranganathan, who directed the film and has caused a shock among the fans.

Pradeep Ranganathan made his directorial debut in Tamil cinema with Jayam Ravi’s film ‘Komali’. The film was well received by the fans. After ‘Komali’, he directed ‘Love Today’ and played himself as the hero. Although many production companies were thinking of making him a hero, Pradeep made his debut as a hero in the film ‘Love Today’ after many struggles and Vida Vidhi was a resounding success.

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The film surprised many by collecting up to 100 crores at the box office. In a scene in this movie, there is a line saying ‘Why are you talking like Parthiban when you were talking well?’ The scene is sarcastically staged as Parthiban talking without understanding. Speaking about this in a conversation with Rasikerkle, Parthiban said, I enjoyed this verse in the beginning. Only then did I realize that the director had teased me and put this line.

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There is a story behind this. A problem arose in the writer’s association that the story of the film ‘Komali’ released under the direction of Pradeep was similar to the story of my assistant. In this, K got a verdict in favor of my assistant and ten lakhs of rupees. Bhagyaraj. I was supporting my assistant then. “I thought he might have kept this verse as a small revenge for that anger,” he said.

And I really enjoy Pradeep Ranganathan’s tremendous growth. I myself have praised his film ‘Love Today’ on many platforms. I wish him more success. This is my maturity. Parthiban said that the same maturity will come to him one day.

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