nayanthara: Do you know what Nayanthara does everyday to look her best? – this is the secret of nayanthara’s beauty


  • The secret of Nayantara’s beauty
  • Nayanthara who bought a house in Boise Garden

Extra is more beautiful now than she came to act Nayanthara. She is the number one actress in Kollywood no matter how many actresses come.

Many are eager to know the secret of Nayantara’s beauty. In this case, the secret was leaked.

Nayantara always uses Ayurvedic products. Not getting out of the house without sunscreen. Drinks plenty of water daily.

Drinks fruit juice daily to keep skin glowing. Do not miss the daily cleansing, toning and massaging. Only coconut oil can be used for scalp.

Nayanthara has bought a house in Boise Garden next to Dhanusha

Nayanthara has bought two apartments in Boise Garden. Both have four bedrooms.

Vignesh is said to have settled there after marrying Shiva. Directed by Vignesh Sivan and starring Vijay Sethupathi and Samantha, Nayanthara’s Waiting Vocals is set to release in theaters in December.

Nayanthara’s monthly film is released every month in November as Annatha, Waiting In December Vote Vote Awesome Love.

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