nainika: Theri Baby Nainika: Viral Photo – theri baby nainika’s pictures go viral


  • Viral photos of Nainika
  • Nainika who is prettier than mom

Attlee in motion Vijay Starring தெறி Nainika is famous for playing his daughter in the film. Daughter of Meena Nainika He impressed the fans with his performance in the first film.

Meena has started posting photos and videos of Nainika on social media from time to time. Looking at the first photoshoot photos taken by the mother and daughter together, fans wondered if Adenkappa had grown into Nainika Vema.

Meena has posted photos of herself looking beautiful in a Nainika silk skirt. Mother silk saree and daughter silk skirt are the feature.

Fans who saw the photos said,

It looks like Nainika will be a heroine in 2, 3 more years. Beauty lifted mom and ate.

Congratulations to Nainika on being well.
Meena, who came to the screen as a child star, became a heroine after growing up. He acted with Rajini as a child and then paired up with him. Fans have also questioned whether Nainika will be paired with Vijay as well.
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