varalaxmi sarathkumar starrer danny movie review and rating

The best example of a bad screenplay Danny The picture is there. Things are happening in the film because the director wants them to. The core of the shots is not correct. For promoted squatters (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) Thanks to the mother of the man arrested for the crime of murdering his young wife. This scene takes place during the day at Kundavai’s house.

Kuntavai’s sister Mathi, who is inside the house, shows up smiling proudly. The next moment the squirrels and Mathieu stay somewhere in the night and are attacked by two men on a bike.

The flow of the story is what Danny misses in the film. They have told flat points in response to telling the story. Scene One- Introduction to the dog. Scene Two- Introduction of the person handling the dog. Scene Three- Crime. Scene Four- Kill the dog handler. Scene 5- Introduction of the heroine. Scene 6- The heroine is put on trial for murder. Scene 7- The film goes to Clue1.

This is how the characters go. The innocent sister of the police officer must die to become the investigating person. The main character is a dog, a drug addicted villain, and comedians who come in from time to time and try to make us laugh. None of these characters come to mind.

The director left it to him to carry the story on his shoulders. Even Varalakshmi, who has become a character, could not save the film. The reason is that his character itself is not strongly set. Movement is about type. Audiences begin to find out how the murder took place in the 15th minute of the film. There was not even a dog to help the audience. So Danny, very dull.


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