Where did he come from, to whom: Vijay, the ‘goose’ who chased away the party members

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  • Vijay scoring parties in the master promo
  • A free advertising parcel per goose

Lokesh Vijay, directed by Kanagaraj Vijay The master movie starring Sethupathi and Malvika Mohanan will be released on the 13th. In this case, they are releasing a promo video every day.

When did Vijay tell us to start or not …

The controversy was sparked by a second promo video released yesterday. Many have said that the verse spoken by Vijay in the promo is like stabbing Rajini. The Union Home Ministry has said that it was illegal for the Tamil Nadu government to allow 100 per cent spectators in theaters as fast as Vijay had said.
In this situation, in the third promo video released today, Vijay chases and beats 50, 60 party members who enter the college. He beats the students in the good faith that the parties should not do anything. But others are watching the 3rd promo video from yesterday’s video from a political point of view.

Yesterday Rajini articulated the verse, Punch left to challenge someone, today Vijay is celebrating Deepavali for the parties. People who watched the third promo video said it was a free ad parcel for the goose.