Wedding Photo Dope: Powerstar to really propose to a woman


  • Powerstar who proposed to Vanitha in the alley cab
  • Power Star Play at the Pickup Drop Press Conference

Vanitha posted photos of herself and Powerstar Srinivasan getting married on social media. Those who have seen it have mistakenly thought that Vanitha is married to Powerstar.

These are the photos posted by Vanitha, who attended the press conference that followed Pickup Drop He explained that they were taken for the film. I will also get married at 4 or 40, he said it was my choice.

What Powerstar said next to Vanitha surprised many. But no one took seriously what he said about Vanitha because Power would take anything for granted.

You ask what Powerstar said like that ?. He told reporters,

Our image poster has gone viral. Marriage is in the hands of God. The marriage of me and Vanitha is in the hands of the Lord. We took that photo to advertise the picture.

Many have greeted me by looking at the photo. Congratulations said happy.

Fans have said that this Power has proposed to marry a woman in the alley cab.

Already married to Power Star. Not only women but everyone knows that he spoke like that for Power Comedy.
Vanitha, Power Photo Cema Comedy, Nalla Sirichen: Lakshmi Ramakrishnan

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