vijayakanth: Vijayakanth who watched Chhatriyan movie with nurses in Dubai: Tenth, tenth captain – vijayakanth gives health update: fans get emotional


  • Vijaykanth gave the update from Dubai
  • Fans who say goodbye to the old Panneerselvam

Temujin is the leader Vijayakant Has gone to Dubai for treatment. The photo taken when he went to the airport with his sons and wife shocked the fans.

The reason for that was that Vijaykanth was sitting in a wheelchair. What a lion walk, there are no fans who do not regret that it has become like this now.

Many people have been asking on social media for treatment and what is happening in Dubai.

In this situation, Vijaykanth posted a photo of himself on Twitter and said,

I am in good health. I played ‘Chhatriyan‘The film, he said, was taken while watching with the nurse sisters who help with my treatment.

Fans who saw the photo said,
This is enough Captain. Happiness if you are good. We look forward to the day when you return as the old Panneerselvam.
When you come to Chennai from Dubai you have to walk majestically at the airport. There is a pattern to something when you see yourself in a wheelchair.

Captain to buy back with the old lioness. Not to mention that he ate Italian and watched the movie, which is good to describe in terms of health.
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