Vijay told Nayyappudai: Netizens are fighting for who will fight

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Vijay, directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj Vijay Sethupathi, Starring Malvika Mohanan, Andrea, Arjun Das among others Master The film is set to release in theaters the next day.

Eager to see the master film, fans flock to the theaters to buy tickets. Photos taken when they rushed to buy tickets have been posted on social media.

Meanwhile, the production team is releasing a promo video daily to make the fans happy. In this case, today’s promo video has been released.

In that video Vijay That being said,
He said that everything should not go in the installment after looking back at the broken nut, said Nayyapudai.

Fans who watched the video have become impressed. Others, let’s see if we can start in the previous promo video, said Vijay. The Union Home Ministry has said that it was illegal for the Tamil Nadu government to allow 100 per cent spectators in theaters at the speed at which he punched. In this case, he has said that the weaver. They have said who will fight.

Before that, Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi wrestling poster went viral. Fans who saw the poster said it was a death wait to see Jedi and Bhavani beating up in the theater.

Vijay has a united fan base in Kerala. Sedans and sages felt that they could not see the master as it was reported that theaters would not be opened in Kerala. In this case, the problem is solved and the theaters are opened. The master film will also be released in Kerala.

In Tamil Nadu, 100 percent of the theaters are denied access. So only 50 percent of the audience will be allowed. Not only Master for Pongal but also Simbu’s Eeswaran movie will be released in theaters.

The master film is available in Telugu, Kannada and Hindi besides Tamil.
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