Vijay fans celebrating Vijay Big Boss Aria: Do you know why?

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Written and directed by Rajamitran Aleka In the picture Ari Played the hero. Bigg Boss 2 season fame Aishwarya Rai has teamed up with him. The trailer of the movie Aleka, which focuses on child abduction, has been released. That trailer Vijay Fans have been sharing more and more on social websites.

Why do you think Vijay fans celebrate the Ari movie trailer ?. Ari’s name in the movie Alega is Joseph Vijay. Is this one reason not enough for Vijay fans to celebrate Arya ?. And the way Ari said his name was Joseph Vijay was like a commander.

Vijay fans celebrating his movie trailer are unlikely to have known Ari who is in the Bigg Boss 4 house. Ari, who attends the Big Boss 4 show, is a favorite of many. Those who came out of the Big Boss 4 house said that Ari is true without pretending to be on time.

Ari is expected to win the Big Boss 4 title. The Army has started everything on Twitter for Ari. Those Aryan Armymen also shared a large amount of the Alega trailer. At the same time, Big Boss fans who don’t like Ary are blabbering on about him.

Some have teased why Aria could not act in films like Big Boss is acting efficiently at home. It is noteworthy that some people continue to say that Ari Big Boss is not him at home and is acting effectively.

Big Boss has signed on to star in a film alongside celebrity Loslia Arie through Season 3. Srushti Tange is also in the film.

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