Vijay doing ‘master politics’ at election time ?: What is going to happen?

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Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj Vijay Acting as a college professor Master The film is set to release on the 13th. In this case, the promo videos and photos of the film are being released.

In one such photo, Vijay is sitting among college students. There is a pose with the phrase “Vote for the right candidate” where they sit. Those who saw it again Vijay Politics They say he started talking.

Vijay has an interest in politics. There are occasional reports that he is looking in depth for that. His fans want Vijay to come to politics and rule Tamil Nadu.

Vijay also talks politics in his films. It is in this context that he has spoken politics in Master. There has been a stir as such a photo has been released in the run up to the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy has been hailed as Vijay ever since he met him on social media. For Vijay, the master collection is more important than the lives of his fans. That’s why they met first and asked him to allow 100 percent audience in the theaters.

Rajinikanth fans who watched the master promo video released yesterday were shocked. The reason is the verse spoken by Vijay. Rajini said that I did not come to politics on the 29th. In this case, in the promo video, the person who came here before this may have run away in fear for his life, but Vijay has left the punch that my story is different.

Master Promo Video Did Vijay say that to Rajini in the master promo?

Some Vijay fans have even said that he is harassing Rajini. Only with the release of the film will it be clear why Vijay spoke like that. If Vijay talks politics in his film, there will definitely be opposition to it. He knows this too.

That protest became a free advertisement and helped the film’s collection solo. Vijay can talk politics, but Lokesh will not talk. Criticism has arisen as to whether he may have relaxed his policy for Vijay.