vanitha vijayakumar: What are you my boy friend ?: Vanitha who shook Wije – when vanitha vijayakumar stuns a vj


  • Vanitha attends the opening ceremony of a biryani shop
  • Wije, who bought and hugged Vanitha well

Vanitha Vijayakumar He is always trending. Social bloggers are talking about him in film or personal matter. This is why Power Star has given the title ‘Viral Star’ to Vanitha in Srinivasan’s pickup film.

Vanitha Vijayakumar, Poorna, Ovia and Reshma were present at the opening ceremony of the biryani shop.

One of the Wije who came there looked at the woman and said Namaste, what is Namaste to say, must have come from Delhi, say hello.

The Wijeo who saw Poorna has asked Vanitha if I can interview him. For that Vanita, interview anyone you want, what are you my boy friend, I’m hard to be jealous if you talk to others.

Wije was a little shocked to hear what Vanitha said. Vanitha has a lot of pictures on hand for her career. He has been posting photos from the shooting spot from time to time.
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