Vanitha I could have maintained 4 people if I had thought: Vanitha

That there was a problem between himself and Peter Paul Vanitha Vijayakumar Said. Peter Paul He said he was drinking again. Vanitha has posted a video about this on her YouTube channel.

According to Vanitha in the video,

Drinks a lot, comes home, betrayed: Vanitha tears

Reach people only if you spend money on a very important thing for the country and give publicity and promos. But the thing about me being viral overnight is something to be proud of and in some places it is tragic. I have been in a situation where I can not laugh for the last few days. In such a situation it has become necessary to laugh from the referee to a comedy show. It’s apt for an artist.

There was a lot of bad news in the media when I was in deep depression. That’s the problem for me and Peter Paul. I know who clubs it, and you know. I explained on Twitter because a lot of people who care about me texted. Many people understand that I am at the peak of frustration. How can I edit haters when I can’t edit the one I love.

The last few days have been a problem for me and Peter Paul. He was the speaker when I saw him. I just got used to the belief that he is single. I wouldn’t get used to knowing someone else’s husband. I was not skeptical when Propos made me.

No one deserves to be misrepresented about me. I am a better wife, better mother. Even today my ex-husbands call and talk lovingly. I have no reason for that marriage to go wrong. If I had to keep in touch with someone, I would have maintained many people. A lot of people in this community do. I have seen it. None of this I did. The bad name was bought because she thought she had to remarry as a good woman, serve her husband and have a married life.

I don’t know if he got divorced. Suddenly his eating habits, habits, and smoking affected his health. They said Peter Paul had stopped drinking. But smoked. We admitted him to the hospital and saved his life. The second time I had to stay in the hospital for a week. He was caught red-handed and robbed. But lied that no.

The day we left Goa his little brother called Peter Paul’s older brother saying he was serious. As he was leaving he came to a bloody roar. Last seen drunk. In January and February he and I said there was confusion over work.

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