Vanitha at the wedding with Powerstar: Viral photo


  • Powerstar, Vanitha’s wedding photo viral
  • Netizens congratulate Vanitha

Vanitha, who came back to the limelight through the Big Boss show, is talked about on social media from time to time. His personal life is talked about for YouTube videos. Vanita was married to Peter Paul at Lockdown. But when Vanitha saw that Peter was addicted to alcohol, he broke up with her.

Vanitha’s supporters were worried that the 3rd marriage would end as soon as it started.

It has been reported that Vanitha and a pilot from North India were secretly married at the Kali Temple in Kolkata. Following this, Vanitha explained that she had never remarried.
She is currently posting a photo of herself getting married to Powerstar Srinivasan on Twitter. Looking at the photo it seems that it is for the promotion of the film. However, social media users say that Vanitha’s 4th husband is Powerstar.

According to those who saw the photo posted by Vanitha,

Congratulations to both of you. May this marriage last. Did Powerstar Pontati know you were married?
The list goes on and on. We hope this is an image ad. There is no doubt that the fuse will go to the power if it is real. They say they do everything like this to search for advertising.

Vanitha starring with Vijay TV celebrity: If you know anyone, you will be shocked

Vanitha is currently one of the busiest actresses in Kollywood. He plays a lawyer in the film Red Men. Also Niya Nana co-stars with show fame Gopinath in Vasu’s film Pregnant. It is noteworthy that the character of the woman in the film is wide.

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