Today’s (February 1) movies on the iconic screen!

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Sun TV
9.30: Fortress of Love
3pm: Ramana

Sun Life
11am: Our country
4pm: Navratri

7am: East Coast
10am: Kanda
1pm: Jaihind
4pm: குண்டக்க மண்டக்க
7pm: Youth
10.30pm: Hello guys

Artist TV
10am: Iron Fort Rogue Lion
1.30pm: Mancha Velu
9.30pm: Ponnar Shankar
Two messages from Sasikala: Travel in Jayalalithaa’s car!
Jaya TV
10am: Singara Velan
1.30pm: This is our guy
9pm: Spy

Captain TV
2pm: One for the sleepless eye

Mega TV
10am: Wallless paintings
1.30pm: Auspicious time

Polymer TV
2pm: Hand-given deity
7pm: Surprises
11pm: Water and fire

Raj TV
9.30am: I am the king myself
1.30pm: Wow how beautiful
8pm: Thai Uncle

Big Boss Sakshi Agarwal as the heroine! First look poster

Vasant TV
1.30am: To my toy mom
7.30pm: Sacrifice

Vijay Super
6am: Sahara
8.30am: Beauty pet
11pm: Famine
2pm: Press No. 1 for Tamil
4.15pm: Anirudh
7pm: Asura hunting
10pm: 118

7.30am: Wedding
10.30am: Be scared
1pm: Flag Hero
4pm: Shut up and talk
7pm: Till to Thill2
9.30pm: Go 2

Raj Digital Plus
9.30am: Golden Lotuses
12.30pm: Dear Unwasam
3.30pm: Handcuffs
7pm: Gauri
10.30pm: Don’t kill the little flower

Big Boss celebration that shocked the fans .. Here is the promo video

10.30: Spring is coming
2.30pm: Kavikuyil
6pm: Gua gua ducks
9pm: Maya Mogini

Jaya Movies
7am: Musk deer
10am: 49-o
1pm: Male
4pm: Person
7pm: Upstairs
10pm: Gambling