Son is born: Vinod, the director of strength in happiness

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  • Wife of director Vinod who gave birth to a boy
  • Specialize in the strength director home

H., the director incarnated in the film Chess Hunt. Vinod. He kept Karthi and directed the movie Deeran Chapter One and made everyone talk about himself.

Following this, he directed the movie Parvai with Ajith and saw success. Currently Strength Vinod is directing the film. In that film Ajith Pretending to be a police officer. It is learned that a good thing happened in Vinod’s personal life.

Vinod is not going to talk about the film but is going to talk about his personal life. It is learned that his wife gave birth to a baby boy.

The baby was born in the first week of January. Vinod has come to the city to be with his wife during childbirth. The film is currently shooting in Pune, Maharashtra. Despite Vinod coming to the city, the shooting continued.

He is said to have kept his assistants on the phone and conducted the shooting. He will be back on set on the 22nd. During the New Year, the members of the strength film crew were present at the shooting.

Filming, which had been suspended for several months due to a corona virus problem, resumed in Hyderabad last October. The crew has since moved to Pune. The strength of mother and son in strength is the highlight.

Ajith, who has been emphasizing father-daughter, brother-sister and brother-brother sentiment for a long time, is starring in a film that shows mother-son affection. Ajith’s fans have congratulated Vinod when he came to know that he is special at home despite being angry that he is not giving an update on the movie.
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