Simbu’s heroine who said to make an adjustment: Suchindran who died

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In the Suchindranath movement சிம்பு, Finance Agarwal, Starring Bharathiraja et al Easwaran The music release of the film took place at the Albert Theater in Chennai.

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Nithi Agarwal, who attended the event, spoke as much Tamil as she could.

Nithi Agarwal on stage

I said Tamil will be ok, make some adjustments. Suchindran approached him and said that he had come to translate when Nidhi started talking. Suchindran praised Suchindran after saying that he was ashamed to say that he would talk about Simbu’s uncle first. Suchindranath, who heard it, did not say anything about me, they were not in the mood to listen to it.

Suchindran to say again that Simbu Mama I love you without seeing it Simbu said Simbu is everyone’s favorite actor, my favorite actor, his fans are on a different level. He said to be very happy while working with Silambarasan. Suchindran asked if Nithi Agarwal had told him to speak in English and speak in Tamil about Simbu.

If you have 2 Onmore tag Bonare Tonsula say it paragraph by paragraph Suchindran. Simbu is a single tag actor said Nidhi. He asked again whether Suchindranath or his uncle would tell him to call Simbu Nidhi and Sir.

Suchindranath said that he came to the stage because he was asked by Nithi Agarwal. Nithi, the dance floor for Simbu fans, went on to do finger tricks like Simbu. Suchindran’s release of funds was the highlight of the music launch.