Simbu made an entry on social media: Fans splashing Twitter

Fans were eager to see Simbu on social media. In this situation, on the 22nd at 9.09 am Simbu Twitter, Instagram, announced that it is giving re-entry on Facebook.

At exactly 9.09am, Simbu posted an entry on social media and posted a video. Fans are eager to see the face of Simbu who has lost a lot of weight for the Suchindranath film. But in the video released by Simbu, his face is not visible.
Fans are celebrating, saying that it is disappointing that Simbu did not show his face, but that Simbu is back on social media. Thus the hashtag #SilambarasanTR is trending nationally on Twitter.

It is expected that Simbu will post his photos and videos from time to time and give updates on the pictures. He is also expected to comment on the current situation in the country.

சிம்பு Suchindran is currently starring in the film. Suchindran plans to complete the shooting in one month. For this film, Simbu lost a lot of weight and became thin. Fans are happy to say that Simbu looks like he was in the new cast.

Nithi Agarwal is paired with Simbu in this film with a rural background. The shooting is in full swing. Suchindran has ordered that no one should bring a cell phone to the shooting site to prevent Simbu’s look and any scenes from being leaked. So there is no other update other than just knowing that the shooting is going on.

It is said that Simbu and Suchindran may have named the film, which is an alliance, as Incident. Suchindranath was careful not to let Simbu’s look get leaked as he would not have posted his photo on the social website.

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It is worth mentioning that the first look of Simbu-Suchindran movie will be released on Vijayadasamy.

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