Simbu knows if Corona will come: Karunas!

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Emphasizing the 12-point demands, Karunas is going to walk from the statue of Nandanam Thevar in Chennai to the golden name in the name of National Divine Pilgrimage. Thus, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Thiruvananthapuram Karunas This morning he met the DGP of the Tamil Nadu Police at his office and submitted a petition seeking permission.

Later, Karunas told reporters, “Our long-standing demand Madurai The airport should be named after the golden Muthuramalinga deity. Jayalalithaa unveiled the Devar statue in Nandana in 1994. God declared the thief, the stranger, and the intruder to be a race. That ordinance must be implemented immediately. The Government of Tamil Nadu should provide special allocation for them.

The central government has been asked to conduct a caste-based survey of 68 racists. It is yet to be launched. We are going to march from Chennai to Pasubon, emphasizing the 12-point demands that the state government should start it. We have petitioned the DGP of the police for permission.


We are going to meet the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu after his arrival in Chennai and file a petition. Corona Let’s follow the rules. The government has approved 100 per cent seats in theaters. The Government of Tamil Nadu should reconsider this permission. So much hard work should not be wasted. It is better to allow only 50 percent of the seats.

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What verses is needed for an infectious disease such as corona win, kill? சிம்பு Talking like that is wrong. What if we win and kill the infection? He knew the corona was coming. I have suffered from corona and have recovered. ”