shivani: TV actresses Myna, Shivani who is under the influence of Maheshwari? – is shivani narayanan upset about myna, maheshwari’s inclusion in vikram?


  • Shivani in tension with Maina, Maheshwari?
  • Shivani who plays Vikram in the film

World Hero Kamal Haasan will play the role of Lokesh Kanagaraj Vikram As the villain to him in the film Vijay Sethupathi Everyone knows acting. While fans were expecting Lokesh to announce who will be paired with Kamal, the details of who will be paired with the villain have been released.

Three pairs to villain Vijay Sethupathi. All three are iconic actresses. Paired with Vijay Sethupathi Shivani It was first reported that he was acting. After that, Myna Nandini took a photo with Lokesh on the set and posted it on the social networking site and confirmed that Vikram will be starring in the film.

Not only Shivani and Myna Nandini but also Maheshwari is paired with Vijay Sethupathi. It’s three pairs for a villain, fans say they can not understand the character of this Lokesh Kanagaraj.

In this situation, Shivani did not like the agreement between Maina and Maheshwari to act in Vikram. It has been reported that Shivani is under pressure due to the arrival of her fellow TV serial actresses.

Meanwhile, Shivani has confirmed on social media that Vikram will be starring in the film. Asked by a fan if Vikram is starring in the film, he replied yes.
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