Santhanam’s ‘Server Sundaram’ to be released next month!

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Santhanam The movie ‘Paris Jayaraj’ which will be released next month. Santhanam is played by Anaika Sodi and Sashtika Rajendra. Mottai Rajendran plays the lead role. Santosh Narayanan is the composer, Prakash Babu is the editor and Hari Dinesh is the fight director. Also, the film is produced by Lark Studios with Arthur Wilson cinematography and Thurairaj art direction.

Santhanam is also starring in ‘Sabapathy’ directed by newcomer Srinivasan. In this film Santhanam plays the character of Dikkuvai. The film is set to release in April.

Meanwhile, Santhanam has acted in three roles in the movie “Dikilona”. Produced by director Sinish, the film is released by KJR Studios. The film stars Harbhajan Singh, the spin bowler of the Indian cricket team. It is noteworthy that he is making his acting debut in the Tamil film industry by playing a very important role. Filming is all over and the crew is focusing on the finishing touches. Along with this, ‘Corona Kumar’ is the second part of the movie ‘Italkuttane Aasippattai Balakumara’. Santhanam plays the hero in this film.

In this situation, Santhanam played three years ago ‘Server Sundaram‘The announcement of the release of the film has been made. Santhanam starrer ‘Server Sundaram’ directed by Anand Balki. He has worked with director Mani Ratnam as an assistant director in the film Arms Writing.

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The film stars Vaibhav Chandilya opposite Santhanam. This is the first Tamil film starring actress Vaibhav. Bijesh is the grandson of the late actor Nagesh in the film Nagesh, Kitty, Myilsami, Shanmukharajan, Swaminathan, Radha Ravi, Chef Damodaran, Venkatesh Bhatt and many others have played the lead roles.

The title of the old ‘Server Sundaram’ movie starring Nagesh has been approved by AVM and kept for this film. The film tells the story of the superiority of food by Tamils ​​and focuses on the fact that food is medicine. The story starts in Chennai and ends in Dubai.

It was announced that the film, which was completed in 2017, would not be released for a long time due to an accounting problem with the producer and would be released on January 31 last year. However, it was announced that Santhanam starrer ‘Ducaldi’ would be released on the same date. The problem arose as both the films starring Santhanam were released on the same day.

In this situation, the film crew has announced that the server Sundaram is preparing for the release of the film. It has been reported that the film will be released in theaters in February.