Radhika’s daughter who was like that acted like this: Amazing fans

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  • Ryan Mithun loses 16 kg
  • Radhika’s daughter reveals weight loss secret

Ryan, daughter of Radhika Sarathkumar, fell in love with cricketer Mithun and married her. They have a son named Tarak and a daughter named Radhya. Ryan has changed the name of his mother Radhika to Light and named his daughter Radhya.

He is active on Twitter and Instagram. From time to time she publishes photos and videos of her pet children. Radhika fans are waiting to see the photos she will post.

After the second time pregnant Ryan Mithun Waite put on and plumped. That’s natural. In this situation, Ryan decided to lose weight. She lost 16 kg and lost weight.

Following this, he posted a photo of himself when he was plump and the latest photo on Instagram and said who was responsible for his change.

Losing weight this much after having two children is not easy. Many social media users have said congratulations to Ryan for doing it.

It is not enough to post a photo, Radhika’s fans have also demanded that you post a video of yourself exercising to lose weight.

Ryan Mithun also tweets proudly about his father Sarathkumar from time to time. Some people who saw him tweet like that once, Sarathkumar is nothing but your dad. Everything was badly criticized as to whether or not he was ashamed to call him Dad.

Ryan, who saw those criticisms, retorted that Sarathkumar was my father and would say so.
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