Popular Mookkuthi Amman movie starring Dhanush!

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Directed by Mari Selvaraj and starring Dhanush ‘Karna‘, Jagame Tantra’ directed by Karthik Supuraj is coming out soon. This was followed by Dhanush’s 43rd film Karthik Narain It was recently announced that it was about to run. GV Prakash Composed by Satya Jyoti Films. It was not known when the film was shot.

In this situation, the film crew is working to start shooting in Chennai in a couple of days. Malvika Mohanan has been signed as the heroine of this film.

Smriti Venkat

In this case, the heroine of the film ‘Tadam’ which was celebrated as a super hit film under the direction of Mahik Thirumeni Smriti Venkat Dhanush has joined the film.

Smriti Venkat2

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He was recently released ‘Nose goddess‘She played the role of RJ Balaji’s sister in the film and garnered rave reviews. Smriti starrer ‘Leave Leave’ in the film attracted everyone.

Smriti Venkat3

It is noteworthy that those scenes and verses were shared by many on social media as memes. Smriti Venkat, who is well known for her performances in the film, Dhanush43 She plays Dhanush’s younger sister in the film.