Politics that did not leave Rajini even though he left: #Rajini_buy_to_politics

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  • Fans protest against Rajini’s entry into politics
  • The trend on Twitter is #politics_buy_Rajini

Rajini announced last month that he would start the party in January and make an announcement on December 31. Fans believed that he would definitely come to politics this time as he was involved in the task of starting the party with the hand that published the announcement.

In this situation, Rajini went to Hyderabad to participate in the filming of Annatta. There he developed high blood pressure and had to be admitted to hospital. Rajini returned to Chennai with her hand discharged from the hospital.

Doctors advised that he should rest for a week and not be stressed. In this context, Rajini said on the 29th of last month that he had not started the party. Rajini issued a statement saying he did not come to politics due to his health.

His fans were disappointed to see it. Some people got into a fight in front of his house saying that Rajini must come to politics. In this situation, the fans have taken Rajini to politics and are engaged in a protest in Chennai today.

Charity At the moment, the hashtag #Politics_Buy_Rajini is trending nationally on Twitter. Not only Rajini fans but also fans of other actors are tweeting with that hashtag.

What fans have said on Twitter with the hashtag #Rajini_buy_to_politics,
Leader to buy into politics. Only you can change this state. We are here to support. We’re glad you did not tweet that you do not want to protest.

Politics We do not invite you to politics to make a profit or to make money. We only want you to lead the people. We call for a better future for Tamil Nadu. This is a loving meeting, always with you. They have said that we will be the leader to buy the trust.
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