One in a thousand 2 poster copy: What the hell, did you do it like this?

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செல்வராகவன் Fans have been asking for years when the second part of the film One in a Thousand starring Karthi, Andrea, Reema Sen and Parthiban in the lead will come out. In this situation she kept her brother Dhanusha One in a thousand2 Selvaragavan tweeted that he was going to direct the film. And One in a Thousand also released 2 movie posters.

One in a thousand with Dhanusha is a rich man who directs 2 films

Seeing it Dhanush, Magnum Opus. Pre-production work only takes one year. But the dream movie coming from Master Selvara. The wait is over. But the film will be worthy of that wait. AO2 ..Prince said he will return in 2024.

Dhanush fans were delighted to see the announcement of One in a Thousand 2 movie. But social media users say the one in a thousand 2 image poster has been copied from the French artist’s book.

Commenting on the poster, social media users said,

Copying the poster like this. If the image is not copied from someone else’s story or book. Selvaragavan did not expect to do so. You may have done an image search on Google while making a poster. What Dhanush, are you? That said.

For some, this is how coffee is. Has become Inspire. This is how they made a way for him by telling Attlee. They have said that Selvaragavan is currently trapped.
In this case, one in a thousand fans drew a picture poster and posted it on Twitter. The rich man who saw it praised the person and thanked him. Dhanush who saw the fan poster also became Impress and tweeted wow.