Minister issues stern warning to theater owners

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Films including ‘Master’, ‘Eeswaran’ and ‘Bhoomi’ are all set to release from the coming Pongal day as theaters have recently reopened after being infected with the Corona virus.

In this situation, it is being reported that tickets for the master movie will be sold for Rs.500, Rs.1000 to Rs.2000. Thus, the Minister said that action will be taken if theaters charge high fees Kadampur Raju Warned.

He told reporters at Kovilpatti that the Chief Minister would soon announce the decision on the entertainment tax concession. In connection with the announcement of the offer on the entertainment line for theaters in Tamil Nadu Theater He said the owners have made the request and the owners’ request has been brought to the attention of the chief. He said the Chief Minister would soon consult and announce a good decision regarding the offer.

He pointed out that the government has only given permission for more shows and should only charge a formal fee. He warned that strict action would be taken if higher fees were charged.
He added, “There have already been three rounds of talks on raising fares in theaters. Filmmakers and theater owners have been asked to comment on the sale of tickets in the Tatkal system. Steps will be taken to implement the ticket payment system as soon as possible. ”

How did the master leak on the internet? Shocking information released!

AIADMK has won 7 times because of good governance. Actor Kamal Haasan is constantly talking about what is the reason for coming to politics. Kamal Haasan joked that he was talking like he had jumped out of the sky and had just discovered something new.

The minister questioned whether Kamal Haasan was insulting the people who gave the AIADMK a chance to rule, and invited Kamal Haasan to start the People’s Party. He makes excuses for starting the party. There are no heroes who started the party better than him. He said the coming election will put an end to him.