Master only release for Pongal by the return of the government: Tirupur Subramanian

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  • Master only release for Pongal- Tirupur Subramanian
  • Eeswaran release only if the master does not come – Tirupur Subramanian

Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and starring Vijay Master The film is also set for January 13, with Simbu Easwaran The official announcement was that the film would also be released on the 14th.

Due to the corona virus problem only 50 percent of the seats in the theaters are being used. In this situation, Vijay met Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy and demanded that 100 per cent spectators be allowed. The government then issued a notice allowing 100 per cent of the audience.

According to the Union Home Ministry, the Tamil Nadu government has violated the rules by allowing 100 percent visitors. The federal government has also issued a new order requiring only 50 per cent of seats in theaters to be used. The new government is expected to be released soon.

In this situation, if permission is denied to 100 percent of the audience, only the master film will be screened for the Pongal festival, said Tirupur Subramanian, chairman of the Theater Owners’ Association.

He further said that Eeswaran will be screened only if the release date of the master film is not postponed. Due to this, there is a problem in releasing Eeswaran movie for Pongal.

Meanwhile, the production team of Eeswaran has said that the film will be released on the said date in case of any problem. It has been reported that Eeswaran will be released even if the use of 100 per cent seats is reduced to 50 per cent.

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This problem raises the question of whether the master and Eeswaran will release Pongal as planned or not. Meanwhile, people have started talking on social media about whether the master film will be released on Amazon Prime.