Mankatha will sing with Rajini’s death, Sadugudu will dance with Chao: Director

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  • Prabhaveen Gandhi praises Rajini
  • Mankatha will sing with Rajini’s death- Praveen Gandhi

Rajini’s fans are protesting in Valluvarkottam, Chennai, urging him to enter politics. Plenty of fans have gathered at the scene of the fight.
Fortunately, our frightened walk: Rajini fans are relieved
One of the protesters told reporters that Rajini would start a separate party and threaten the world. He said it could only be done by one person.

Fellow Rajinikanth fans who saw what the fan said said yes, that is the truth. But the meme creators are killing the fan who spoke proudly about Rajini.

In this context, director Praveen Kant said about Rajini,

Mankatha will dance with Rajini’s death, Sadugudu will dance with Chao … Emana has said that he will throw a lemon-like punch.

Praveen Gandhi Social right-wingers who heard what was said,

Yemen, Lemon, Damn Poetry Poetry. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Are we like that ?. All I have to say is that Kidney will make chutney. Where have you been all day, Rasa? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

People like this are the ones who make fun of Rajini. They are playing with Rajini’s life for their profit. He told me he could not get sick, and then Enya asked if you were torturing him.

Rajini thought that this time the party should definitely start and contest in the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. But when his health deteriorated where he went to Hyderabad, he decided not to get involved in politics.

There will be no respect in politics. There is a lot of stress there. There will be no peace. Telugu actors Chiranjeevi and Mohanlal met Rajini and told him that your health will definitely be affected if you go into politics.

I told them I was starting a party and Rajini told them how the talk would change now. Later, after being admitted to the hospital, he changed his mind and decided not to party.