losliya: தர்ஷன் அண்ணனுடன் போய் படுக்கையறை காட்சி: விளாசியவர்களுக்கு லோஸ்லியா பதில் – losliya explains about intimate scene with tharshan in google kuttappa


  • Loslia, who has been paired with Darshan in Google Guttappa
  • Loslia’s description of the bedroom scene

Big Boss 3 is famous for falling in love with Gavin when he was at home Loslia. Were in the same house Darshan He said he was like a brother. in this situation Google Kuttappa Loslia is paired with Darshan in the film.

The teaser of the movie Google Guttappa was released recently. Fans began to criticize Loslia and Darshan for starring in the bedroom scene.

Loslia was blasted on social media for saying brother and sister and then starring in a bedroom scene with him. In this case, Loslia said in an interview,

Darshan is like a brother to me. The film is just acting. So no one should take it seriously. Just look at the picture as a picture. Do not compare it with reality. Darshan and I had a good laugh while shooting the bedroom scene. He said it was just acting.

Kavin: Loving Kavin is the biggest mistake I can make: Loslia

Loslia said that the biggest mistake I made was falling in love with Gavin earlier. Cavillia supporters were shocked to hear this.

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