Looking for advertisement: The director of the blog who wrote the letter to Vijay

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  • The doctor who wrote the letter to Vijay was Vilasiya DK
  • Dr. Arvind is looking for an advertisement- DK

Had been shut down for several months due to a corona virus problem Theaters Opened last November. The federal government then allowed only 50 percent of the seats to be used. Master As the film is about to be released, Vijay met Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy and asked him to allow 100 per cent audience in the theaters.

Following that meeting, the government announced that it would allow 100 percent of the audience in the theaters. Seeing this, Dr. Arvind Srinivas wrote a letter to Vijay and Simbu on his Facebook page. That post of Doctor is viral.

Vijay sir, this is not a suicide attempt murder: a doctor’s viral post

Phantomic is not over yet. More people are dying from this disease. Allowing 100 percent of the audience in theaters is a suicide attempt. No murder, no lawmakers, no heroes going to see the film with the crowd. Arvind had said that they are trading money for life.

Many who saw it asked what the Tamil Nadu government and Vijay were going to answer to this. The vampire film director who saw the doctor’s post DK Has criticized him on Twitter.

TK said on Twitter,
A.C. I wonder why this doctor didn’t write the letter when all the bars and clubs in were open. He said it was because he could easily become famous if he attacked the cinema.

There has been both support and opposition to DeKay’s tweet. If a Dr. Govt tells them of the hardships they go through during the trouble period and whether it is critical that he does seek publicity, only adults will go to the bars. Women and children all come to the theaters. Some have said that you don’t even know the difference.