leena maria paul: Rs. 200 crore scam: Karthi’s biryani actress arrested – actress leena maria paul held in rs. 200 crore extortion case


  • Actress Lena Maria Paul arrested
  • Leena starred in Karthi’s Biryani

Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s wife and actress Leena Maria Bala cheated on Kodik’s account by many Arrested Have done. He acted in support of Sukesh Chandrasekhar and handed over Rs. 200 crore has been cheated.

Lena is currently under arrest in that case.

Aditi Singh said in his complaint,

Someone contacted me in June last year. Introducing himself as a senior official in the law cabinet, he said he would buy bail for my husband, who was in prison at the time. He said he asked me for money for it.

Sukesh Chandrasekara was arrested by the police on Aditi’s complaint. Sukesh was in Rohini jail in Delhi when the incident took place. While in prison, he cheated and extorted money from others.

Lena Maria Paul Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s aides Kamlesh Kothari, Samuel, Arun Muthu and Mohanraj have been arrested following the arrest.

Sukesh and Leena have bought a luxury bungalow in Chennai through Kamlesh Kothari.
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