KGF 2 See, National Holiday Venumji: Fans letter to Modi

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  • Yash fans letter to Modi
  • KGF Fans seeking to declare a national holiday on the 2nd release

Directed by Prashant Neil Yash, KGF starring Sreenithi Shetty et al. The film was a super double hit. Like Bhagwati to Prabhas, KGF to Yash. Set. KGF conducted a nationwide collection hunt.

They have since taken its second part. In the second part, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt plays the villain Athira. His face was not shown despite Atira being in the first part. In this situation, Sanjay Dutt is being cast as a cruel villain.

Sanjay Dutt says he has never played such a role in his career. Sanjay Dutt is more KGF than Yasha. 2 Expect the film greatly. KGF 2 The teaser of the film was released last month. The teaser received 140 million views on YouTube within 4 days of its release. Yash was happy to see this and thanked everyone who welcomed him.

In this case, the KGF. 2 It has been officially announced that the film will be released on July 16th. KGF 2 Available in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam except Kannada. All language fans are waiting to see the film.

In this situation, Yash fans have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The letter has been circulating on social media.

According to fans in the letter,

Everyone knows that the highly anticipated KGF-Chapter 2 movie is set to release on 16/7/2021. People are eager to see that picture. We therefore request that a national holiday be declared on the day the film is released.

Understand our Feelings. It has been said that this is our emotion not the film.

Usually if the pictures of the big heroes are released then the day will be the day someone writes a letter to his manager asking for leave. But Yash fans have gone one step further and written a letter to Modi asking for a national holiday.

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