Kamal Haasan’s confrontation: Abandoned Indian 2?

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  • Did Indian 2 drop out?
  • Indian 2 Avlo Thana?

Shankar World Man in Motion Kamal Haasan The film that starred Indian2. From time to time there is a problem with the shooting and the shooting is stopped. Three people, including assistant director Krishna, were killed and 10 others were injured when a crane fell during filming at EVP Film City in Chennai in February last year.

Filming has since resumed. Filming, which had been suspended for several months due to a corona virus problem, is all set to begin. But there is no information about Indian 2 alone.

It was reported that Leica had asked for a further reduction in the budget and that Shankar could not. It was reported that Shankar had asked someone else to take the picture as there was a budget problem again. And KGF. It was rumored that Shankar had decided to make a film with four leading actors, including famed Yash.

At a time when Indian 2 is in trouble, Kamalo has committed to star in the Vikram film directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Kamal will be shooting for Vikram in February and March. He is currently busy with campaigning as the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections approach.

In this situation, there was talk that Indian 2 movie was dropped. But the crew says that’s not true. Filming is scheduled to begin in the first week of February. Other actors without Kamal are going to shoot scenes related to actresses first.

Kamal Vikram will attend later as he is busy with film and election. I have told Kamal Shankar that I will give dates in bulk after the election work is over.

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