How did the master leak on the internet? Shocking information released!

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Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, it has been developed at a huge cost Master The film is set to release on the 13th. In this situation, the footage of the film was released on the internet yesterday and caused a stir.

A case has been filed in the Chennai High Court on behalf of ‘Seven Screen Studio’, which had earlier produced the film. In it, it was demanded that the master film be banned from being published on websites illegally.

Judge CV Karthikeyan, who heard the case, had ordered 29 Internet service providers to ban the release of the master film on 400 illegal websites and 9 cable TVs.

In this situation, on the evening of the 11th, many scenes of this film were released on the internet and caused a shock. They were like scenes taken in a theater and began to crawl the internet in small pieces.

People who saw it on Twitter and WhatsApp all started sharing it with others. Upon learning of this, the film crew immediately investigated and complained to Twitter, urging action against those who shared the footage. They also immediately froze the accounts of those who received the footage illegally.

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And after about one and a half years of hard work, please do not share the footage, one more day the production company and the director demanded on the social website that ‘Master’ be yours. The crew then began to investigate how the footage was released.

An investigation has been launched into who we have given copies of the film to so far. The film has been given to some private digital companies for distribution overseas.

It was like a scene taken in a theater so it was explored which companies have theaters. The film was then given to a digital company for distribution in Sri Lanka and it was suspected that the footage may have come from it, so it was confirmed that the footage was released from them as the theater in that company was the same as the theater in the release scene.

A frontline employee at the company recorded the footage and leaked it to the Internet. The producer said he was going to file a complaint against him and the digital company because he had been diagnosed.