Drinks a lot, comes home, betrayed: Vanitha tears

It was reported that Vanitha Vijayakumar and Peter Paul had split up. in this situation Peter Paul Vanitha said on her YouTube channel that she has started drinking again.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl

According to Vanitha in the video,

On the way out of Goa he got drunk and got into a minor fight. Who would not fight if they had a heart attack and were admitted to the hospital and healed. I am holding life in my hands. No cash on hand. The family just keeps doing my job. I was reprimanded for doing this at a time like that.

I asked if you thought you were going to kill yourself. I loaded him safely and came to Chennai. I said I was driving a car. I drove the car saying no. We saw him before coming home from the car as soon as he came to Chennai. Didn’t pick up the phone though. He drank and smoked for a week. He became addicted to that habit.

He has asked cinema companies for money to drink. They do not give. They call me and say Peter Paul came and asked for money to drink. I tracked him down for a week. I caught him in a spot at 4am. He ran away from there. He had been eating and drinking for a week. We brought him home just to shake his hand. I told him to take care of your health. His brother is dead. After this he left saying that he was going to see the family. I paid too. But the older brother called to say he had not come.

Searching for him was not available. The phone has been switched off and not yet turned on. His brother called to say that he had been drunk, that he could not even stand intoxicated, and was snoring. He left there too. Many say he is intoxicated. I am the one saving my daughters and Peter Paul. No similar rupee was purchased from him. He does not have. I will not make any wrong decision.

Now he does not know where he is. I was betrayed and stunned. Feelings are dead. He said I would be brave for my daughters.

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