Do you know how Vijay calls Malavika a pet?

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  • Malavika chatting with fans on Twitter
  • Do you know Malavika’s pet name?

Vijay, directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj Vijay Sethupathi, Malavika Mohanan Starring Master The film is set to release in theaters tomorrow. In this situation, Malvika Mohanan has patiently answered all the questions asked by the fans on Twitter.

At the master shooting spot, a fan asked if Vijay Anna called you Malu or Malavika. To which Malavikao, Vijay said he would call me Malu.
Malavika is also known as Malu by her parents. Malavika likes Kutty Story and those Kanna Pathaka songs in the master film. And he is an ardent fan of Anirudh.
For asking someone if they are going to go eat ice cream. Malvika says she doesn’t like ice cream very much and would definitely come if it was chicken biryani. It’s amazing that a woman doesn’t like ice cream. Fans are delighted that you and our biryani family are Dhana.

When you are sad, you may think that life is very short, always be happy. Someone has said that I will be coming in 2021 to ask when you will be coming to Telugu cinema.

Fahad Fazilam is Malavika’s favorite Malayalam actor. Asked what she would have been like if she had not been an actress, Malvika replied that she is a wildlife photographer.
Malvika tweeted that she is eager to act with Dhanush. Following this, Dhanush is currently paired with D43. In this situation, Malavika has said that she wants to act in the Vetrimaran movement. Let’s see if this wish will come true soon.

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