Did Vijay say that to Rajini in the master promo?

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  • Did Vijay make Rajini?
  • Punch Rajinikanth who spoke to Vijay in the master promo?

Vijay, directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj Vijay Starring Sethupathi et al Master The film is set to release in theaters on the 13th. In this case, the production team is releasing a promo video every day to provoke the fans.

In the first promo video, Vijay dances in style. In the second promo video released yesterday evening, Vijay, who came here before this, may have run away in fear for his life, but my story is different. The verse said that Mudinja should not start.

Let’s start with Mudinja: Who did ‘Master’ Vijay say?

Those who saw the verse he spoke said that it was as if Vijay had spoken the verse with someone in mind and there was something inside. According to social media, Vijay has teased Rajini and uttered such a verse.
That I am going to start a party and contest in the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections Rajinikanth The announcement was made last month. After that he said that the party did not start saying that he was not in good health. The memes say that Vijay has mastered him in the master.

The master has a problem with the hand that spoke the verse of Vijay that we will not try to start more. In other words, the Union Home Ministry has said that it is illegal for the Tamil Nadu government to allow 100 per cent spectators in theaters. The central government has asked the Tamil Nadu government to issue a new order stating that only 50 per cent of the audience will be allowed in the theaters.
The creators of the memes who saw this said that they would not try to touch it, but they have mastered the art of stabbing.